Movement Matters

Movement Matters – habilitation services

Movement Matters is a new service from NBCS which is being rolled out across the United Kingdom over the coming years.

'Habilitation' is the process of helping visually impaired children and young people to achieve as much independence as possible in their daily lives. We do this by providing personalised training and support in mobility, orientation and independence skills.

Movement Matters habilitation services may be available to children and young people with a visual impairment and their families at any point from birth to age 25.

The National Blind Children’s Society (NBCS) works shoulder to shoulder with Local Authorities and other organisations such as schools and eye hospitals to support blind or partially sighted children and young people to reach their potential.

What can Movement Matters offer?


Accessing the right support for a child with a visual impairment should start with a thorough and expert assessment of their abilities, developmental progress and needs. NBCS can carry out an assessment if this service is not being provided by another organisation.

Orientation and Mobility training

With a visual impairment, a child or young person may need specific training to help them get about safely and confidently. Even in babyhood, there are skills and techniques to help children learn and develop.

Independent living skills

Habilitation also covers a wider range of life skills that are taught as appropriate for children and young people.

Other services

NBCS can also offer other services.

Movement matters parents' guidance days

Movement matters parents’ guidance days are held periodically around the United Kingdom. Upcoming events will be listed on our events page.

Movement matters professionals’ workshops

Movement Matters professionals’ workshops are facilitated by our experienced and qualified staff. Workshops are tailored to your needs.

Habilitation Quality Standards

Quality standards (Word 196Kb)
Quality Standards(PDF 552Kb)

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